AAAAANNNNNDDDDDD WE’RE BACK!!! To those of you have been keeping up with me over the years, I’m pleased yo announce the return of The Monday Morning Exercise web series! Every week I would choose a track that my followers suggest in my Youtube comments and spit bars on the spot from my home studio! Now with the launch of my new recording studio 3DSTUDIOS I decided relaunch the show to give you the bars you’ve all been missing AND invite artists from all across the country to share my space and my platform and spit for you too! So, with out prolonging you with anymore long preliminaries, here is this week’s Monday Morning Exercise called Talk produced by Versa! 

If you want to be featured on the next episode of The Monday Morning Exercises or wan to have you company’s products highlighted, email [email protected] Download The Official 3D Na’Tee Mobile App to get this track! 😉 Also, be sure to grab my album, The Regime, which features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, fellow New Orleans Native August Alsina and more and my latest project, The Songs That Didn’t Make The Tape from your favorite streaming service or grab a signed copy from my official merchandise store Hope you enjoyed this week’s Morning Exercise! See you next Monday!

2 thoughts on “MORNING EXERCISE 035: TALK

  1. Also… Big 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 to who shot this whole thing. That shit looks good af. Woman Do Ya Thang Goddess⚜️

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