Every week I choose a track to remix that you all suggest in my Youtube comments and if I choose a track that you suggested, I’ll shout you out in the video! This week’s T.Mix is to Lauryn Hill’s Too Wop. Be sure to visit to get this track as a MP3 download by signing up to my mailing list! 😉

Also, be sure to grab my album, The Regime, which features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, fellow New Orleans Native August Alsina and more and my latest project, The Songs That Didn’t Make The Tape from your favorite streaming service or grab a signed copy from my official merchandise store Hope you enjoyed this week’s Morning Exercise and you have a suggestion for next week, let me know! See you next Monday!


    1. Can you do Ready or Not by Fugees.
      Can you do The Firm by Nas, Dre, and Foxy Brown.
      I just purchased 2 cds and the book for my daughters. I would like to personally thank you and God for your existence. I pray beyond all you rise and never change for the game but grow out of wisdom. Its been a long time since someone’s music has ignited my passion for the art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and pockets. I pray I can be of some assistance to further your movement. Lion Kemp. Rebel Music Inc. Music is alive…. Listen to what you think not what you hear….

  1. I was really impressed and would like to talk with you. Would you possibly be interested in doing a show in Atlanta. I own my own facility . I think you can inspire a lot of young women here. Havoc e a blessed day Charles.

  2. You’re an inspiration don’t let go of your dreams with determination and your talent you will make it. Best wishes with your mission.

  3. first of all love your music. only wondering have you gotten too busy for the monday mourning exercise? im missing you

  4. Loving everything you’ve bust! Another fan! Here I am! You’re on point. You got me like you got bars!

  5. Wow! Your passion, your story, your music, your message…BOSS LADY…you have a new FAN! I’m a Texas school teacher who also loves Lauryn Hill. Keep doing what you do 💘! #motivation2bmyownboss

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