Every week I choose a track to remix that you all suggest in my Youtube comments and if I choose a track that you suggested, I’ll shout you out in the video! This week’s T.Mix is to Gucci Mane’s I Get The Bag. Be sure to visit to get this track as a MP3 download by signing up to my mailing list! 😉

Also, be sure to grab my album, The Regime, which features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, fellow New Orleans Native August Alsina and more and my latest project, The Songs That Didn’t Make The Tape from your favorite streaming service or grab a signed copy from my official merchandise store Hope you enjoyed this week’s Morning Exercise and you have a suggestion for next week, let me know! See you next Monday!


  1. I heard your track Maria ,I must say I was impressed of the substances put in that project …. Very impressed im a ole hip hop head , and todays music is garbage but you change that perspective……Kudos to you. ….

  2. Woahhhh na,first of all,Wow,total package.I got tracks,been doin this since like 94… I’ve been through a lot ,which brought about set backs, relationships,marriage for 14years with no support,I mean a real underdog.Im back on it though, haven’t been a part of anything in the city except club Rumors back in 92 or 93.Big Heavy told me ,what I was saying sound like something good, but I was mumbling a little and gave me a speech about clarity.But anyway I’m out chere in Houston since Katrina,my wife passed away New year’s day 2017 from cancer,I was her provider…home health…and supported her with her creations helping her create and meet deadlines,you can ask her friend Kioche I see she’s friends with ya,as a matter of fact…she gone tell you everything there is about me…EVERTHING!!!!! Keep up the good work.I mean,you representing like no other and I’m honored. Hey,maybe I can send you some tracks….cediXcetra…

  3. Lord you been out for years and now just starting hear your music, your the Qween we been needing and wanting to see keep being who you are no matter what life thoughts at you running over it like hurdle. Your heart is as big as a mountain you will reach the top and look out on the land the world is as big place keep doing you and when feel down their always a friend on line some where to lift you up keep that in mind have good day.

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