I am excited to announce that on January 10th, 2017, I will be performing a live, intimate set (I’ll explain how intimate in a second) including new unreleased tracks, songs from my latest album THE REGIME, and a few fan favorites! What’s even more unique is that you can PAY WHAT YOU WANT for a ticket! Yep, whether you want to pay $1, $10, $20, or hundreds of dollars to see me perform live, YOUR TICKET PRICE IS COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!

After recently partnering with a startup streaming service, on Tuesday Jan 10th at 8pm cst/ 9pm est, I will be broadcasting live from New Orleans for the first ever 3D Na’Tee Live And Unfiltered Concert Series. The vibe of the show can be best described as MTV Diary meets MTV Unplugged. During the show, I will be able to interact with you in real time! So as I perform, you can comment, ask questions, and even make song requests! I’ll be reading your comments live on air and giving away a bunch of merch, like autographed copies of The Regime, Already Legendary sweatshirts, signed posters, bottles of Lasserre (if you’re over 21) and more!!



Broadcast the entire show from your laptop, phone, tablet, or even your smart TV.


You’ll have the ability to chat with me in real time, request songs, ask questions, and interact with other viewers.


Everyone who purchases a Pay What You Want Ticket becomes eligible to win merch. No matter how much you paid to watch the tip jar Although throughout the show I will be giving away free merch, you’ll also have the ability to guarantee exclusive items by putting money in my show’s tip jar! (I earn 70% of what you tip and share 30% with the broadcasting site!)


Remember, to get a ticket, you can PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT and in return you get to stream the event in full, live chat with me, and witness one of the dopest, most intimate and innovative shows yet!


Initially my idea was to stream from a undisclosed location in my hometown of New Orleans, LA. However, after I made the announcement via my website and Instagram pages, I recieved a few inquires about physical tickets. While opening the performance to the public wasn’t the plan, I saw it as an opportunity to create an exclusive experience for about 5 to 10 of my biggest supporters by allowing them access to witness the show up close. So, I am offering 10 first come first serve passes to the show.

As you may know, most of the time I’m with family and friends and that will be the vibe on set. Me, you, and some of my closest family and friends. I’ll have free food available (all you can eat) and a drink menu. Your exclusive pass also includes a free gift bag from 3DNATEE.com store. The location (not more than 15 minutes from the New Orleans Superdome) will not be announced publicly but will instead be given to you at the time of purchase. Doors open at 7pm cst. Show starts at 8pm. If you want to be one of 10 to come out and enjoy the show in person get your tickets below before they’re gone!

3 DAYS. 30% OFF.

Get a 3 day, 30% off access code when you join me for my live stream concert on January 10th 8pm CST.  In addition to giving away free gifts and autographed merch, during the show, I will also be sharing a discount code. Tune one, listen for the code, and stock up at 3DNATEE.com/store for the new year. Check out a few of the items we have in stock below!