[VIDEO] @3DNATEE Destroys Her @Genius Freestyle

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Check out what happened when I grabbed the mic over @Genius.

Be sure to grab my latest release, The Regime, which features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, fellow New Orleans Native August Alsina and more.

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One thought on “[VIDEO] @3DNATEE Destroys Her @Genius Freestyle

  1. Hitting you up from Chicago. You def have a gift. Your style & flow are sweet, classy, nasty & raw! Stay grounded, humble & don’t let the haters (family, frnds, ex-frnds and the music executives) pull you of your square. Keep working hard and being smart with your business and that will keep you going in the right direction. I just shared your SWITCH & MARIA video with my daughter who’s 24 and she agreed, you got a awesome flow. I’m a 49yr old african-american male BTW. So your reaching all ages with your style.

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