LANE 2 LEGENDARY: ep 4.1 @3DNATEE Brings Fans Into Her Home [VIDEO]



I did not mean to take as big of a break as I did from my Lane 2 Legendary Web Series but because the recent release of my album, The Songs That Didn’t Make The tape, my travels, and the release of the Maria video, I have been moving around a lot and have tons of behind the scenes footage for you! So much so, that I decided to split Episode 4 into two parts. Part one gives you a look behind the scenes of my first ever pay-what-you-want/pay-per-view show where I brought 20 of my biggest supporters into my home in New Orleans and performed all while streaming it live online. This was so fun, that I am thinking about doing it again. Check it out and let me know what you think! If I do it again, would you come?

Be sure to grab my latest release, The Regime, which features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, fellow New Orleans Native August Alsina and more.

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[Music By]
3D Na’Tee

[Camera Operators]
OG Films
3D Na’Tee

3D Na’Tee


[Make Up]
RockieD Cosmetics

[Special Thanks To]
3D11 Studios
Cool Nasty
John James
Takisha Mellion
Tiara James
Jezel Butler
Gabby Williams
OG Films
Publishing Shack
Everyone Who Paid To See The Show

Copyright © 2017 Samantha “3D Na’Tee” James

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One thought on “LANE 2 LEGENDARY: ep 4.1 @3DNATEE Brings Fans Into Her Home [VIDEO]

  1. I really fuqk with ur Muzik. I just happened 2 here one of ur songs on utube 1day n couldn’t believe wat I was hearing. A female rapper dat spits with pain,who is dat I thought as I tried 2 get 2 my phone b4 da song ended. Well I was at work at da time n alot more songs had played b4 I actually made it 2 da phone. But when I got off work I played da songs dat recently played until I found who I was looking 4. I’ve been a fan since then. I respect ur hustle n love ur Muzik. Thank u!!!

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