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[inv_dropcap]A[/inv_dropcap] few months ago, after my release of my video for Who Can We Run To, I was contacted by ABC Television Group (Fusion TV, ABC News, Univision) to speak about my thoughts on the social injustices currently playing out in the media. The self directed video, which became a viral hit online garnering over 14 million views on Facebook alone, shows me hanging from a noose and controversially running through the woods naked artistically depicting how me and millions of other young black people in America feel. We feel absolutely vulnerable.


That initial call from ABC, lead to a flight to their production studio where we filmed the documentary, Black White & Blue where other artists including Joey Bada$$, Fat Joe, M1 of Dead Prez, Prodigy, Pete Rock, and more discussed relations with Law Enforcement.

Special thanks to Fusion TV and their staff. The documentary airs on Fusion TV (Check for channel listings in your area)!

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