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[inv_dropcap]T[/inv_dropcap]his song is dear to me because it was initially one of the first records I chose to go on my upcoming EP for Universal Records… But any artist can tell you, when you record so much, choosing records to make the cut becomes an extremely hard task. So I decided to reach out to one of Brooklyn’s finest, Skyzoo, to add a verse to the original version so we could give it to the streets.

I directed the video which was shot in a section of New Orleans called Zion City as well as one of the oldest black neighborhoods in america, the very historical Treme. I chose those areas because they had a lot to do with the vibe of the record. As the saxophone plays, Skyzoo and I detail the ambitious thoughts of dreamers like us who are not aiming to be popular. We are aiming to be legendary. We need new legends.

I’ll be dropping new music on my app soon, so make sure you get it now from the iTunes or Google Play Store and make sure you check out Skyzoo’s work on Youtube and follow him on Twitter. [/2_3] [/2_3_last] [line_heading_two]Recent releases.[/line_heading_two] [recent_releases limit=”4″ columns=”4″]

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