Photo Dec 07, 12 36 02During my recent visit to Stockholm, I got a chance to stop by one of Sweden’s most popular radio stations, Metropol 93.8. There I met one of the sweetest people I’d ever met in radio, AmieTheKid. I had about 8 to 10 interviews scheduled around my performance so the fact that Amie and the other radio staff members were not only welcoming, but they were also fans of my music, made this visit not feel like just another routine interview.

Amie mentioned that she had been introduced to my music during the summer and that she began following my music (and my Instagram Page) since then. She spoke about a Facebook post from a few months ago where a fan from Paris asked me why do I dress so revealing and suggested that I let my talent speak for itself! I felt as though many people may have that same question so I reposted it on to my Instagram page and answered it publicly (To see the actual Instagram post and my response to that comment, click here). So, amongst other things, Amie and I talked about how my rapping style, which she described as lyrical and “hard,” paired with my style of dress may be a conundrum for some (ironically during my visit I was dressed like Mary Tyler Moore though!). Hear how I approached that question and many others in the Youtube audio below:

Female artists today are ostracized if they Photo Dec 07, 6 15 44don’t dress like Da Brat or a female version of a WuTang Clan member. As if the skin I show, overshadows the lyricism or even the knowledge I share. A lot of my music has to do with making a way out of no way and not giving up, all while being exactly who I am. And who I am is a female Hip Hop artist from New Orleans, Louisiana that embraces every aspect of being a woman. Every curve. From the switch in my walk to the sex appeal I possess. Does that make me any less lyrical? Any less talented? Any less committed to pushing the culture of HipHop forward? No? But it does make me, me. So whether I want to wear a BMB sweatsuit and some Tims one day or a form fitted dress with heels and PLENTY cleavage another, that shouldn’t alter the way my music is received or the positive impact that I plan to have on the culture.

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